Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cardboard boxes and cousins

They say a cardboard box is the best toy, and Maddie and Jacob proved it today. Before Jacob arrived, Maddie cooked lunch--okay, I supervised a little and chunked the chicken, but she cut up broccoli very small and grated cheese. We boilied the chicken and some egg noddles, added the broccoli after a while, then drained the whole thing and added the cheese, chunked cream cheese, and chicken broth. Maddie got many raves for her lunch, and she cleared the table like a hostess and served Rice Krispies treats on plates for dessert.

She didn't stay in the kitchen when Jacob came about 10:30. Jacob adores her, calls her Moo, a shortening of her years-ago nickname Maddie Moo. Jamie had brought him a huge rocking horse on a metal frame and heavy springs, and Maddie tried valiantly to assemble it before he got here, but it was beyond her. And all such things are far beyond me, though I did figure out one small pice of the directions for her and felt very proud. I am sure it was partly a questions of strength that held her back. But even without the horse, the box was a great thing, and they had wonderful fun with it.

Now they're all gone, the house is quiet, and I'm pooped. Mel helped with dishes and cleanup went quickly, so the only chore I MUST get done is packing for Austin. I am really taking a vacation from work!

Off to nap, then pack, then keep on with the latest Sue Grafton, which I'm really enjoying. Maybe I'll have some deep and noteworthy thoughts tomorrow but not today.

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