Thursday, April 17, 2008

Storms . . . and a fun weekend ahead

We're having a Texas storm tonight, the kind that keeps you glued to the TV--only my Dish connection went out. By then, though, I knew it was a severe storm, and almost immediately the hail started. I worried about my windows--single-paned with the old glass that is bound to be fragile (the house was built in 1922 and most of the windows are original). Apparently it's all okay, and the hail has now been replaced by thunder. Scooby is at my feet but is remarkably calm for such a stormy night. I actually enjoy a good storm (as long as I feel pretty sure there's no tornado). I went out on the porch before it hit to watch it approach, forgot I'd already set the alarm, and set it off.
Maddie, my oldest granddaughter at almost nine, is coming to spend the weekend with me--it's a first. Just Maddie and me. We talked about it last week, and she said she really wanted to do that. Edie, at five, was put out but Jamie explained it as a rite of passage thing. What five-year-old understands that language--only one who would holler, "Juju, a little help here please!"
I've been thinking of things to do with Maddie--the Main Street Arts Festival is this weekend, but that means thousands of people and miles of walking. Scratch that. We'll go shopping for her birthday present and a little consolation prize for Edie, and I'd like to go to the nursery--I think she'd enjoy choosing plants for my yard. And then Central Market, to plan our dinner for Saturday night (Maddie loves to cook and says she's going to be a chef). And we'll have to go play with Jacob.
And then Monday Jordan, Jacob and I are going to Austin. I don't know the grandsons down there--Sawyer, almost four, and Ford, about a year and a half--as well as I'd like, nor do they know me. We'll spend two nights, and I'm looking forward to it. So I'm having a grandchildren spell, which I love.
Not doing much work. I find it's easy to busy myself with reading for the office and neglect my own writing. It's a kind of inertia, and I need to overcome it. But since I'm without a defined project right now, that's hard--the Scotland book is shapeless (I could probably go to work and give it shape), the mystery sequel holds no interest until I get a nibble on the first one, and I have no assignments for children's books. So it's a dry period, as though I am waiting for something to happen that will give me a project. I do think--and this comes clear to me as I write--that I need to take myself in hand and make something happen! Pro-active--that's the term. Probably tomorrow . . . no, Maddie will be here. Probably next week. See how easy procrastination is?

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