Sunday, September 30, 2007

Keeping Busy Going Nowhere

What I thought would be another divorcees damn dull weekend turned out to be lovely, busy, and yet lazy. Friday night I took my friend Mary Lu to dinner for her birthday, and we had a good time, though as old ladies do, we talked a lot about health--she will have knee surgery this week. Saturday I ran all over town--groceries (two of them), clothing store (I got bargains plus a Christmas gift), bookstore, cosmetic store, hardware--yes, I was tired when I got home. But I fixed my supper--Dover sole almondine (without the almonds but with the crumb topping) and spinach with olive oil and a bit of anchovy, because I was going to babysit Jacob and knew I couldn't easily cook and watch him. At his house, the kitchen and family room are one open space, and his mom can do both, but it's not that way at my house. He and I had fun that evening. I swear he said, "All done," when he was through eating--ok, a pigeon English version. And he loved tapioca, which I bought specially to see if he liked it. He ate all of his serving again tonight after determinedly throwing his chicken, green beans, and potato on the floor, in spite of repeated stern warnings of, "Jacob, no! We do not throw out food on the floor." That, of course, makes him smile charmingly. But when he was put down out of his high chair, he kept wandering back to me for spoonfuls of tapioca.
This morning I went to church and came home and made a ground bison meatloaf--it was really good, though the thing that kept it moist was a lot of chopped mushrooms (buffalo tends to be dry). Christian thought he was saving fat, until I pointed out that the green beans with bacon more than made up for the cholesterol saving with the bison loaf. I also did oven roasted potatoes, which were delicious. Down home cooking, not too bad for you, and soooo good.
All weekend I've been reading a Catherine Coulter mystery--Double Take. Megan said Brandon told 3-year-old Sawyer he would take him to buy whatever he wanted for his mom for her b'day. Sawyer wanted a digger, so they headed for the toy store. But then Sawyer changed and said he wanted to buy her a book--so they bought a Catherine Coulter mystery that Sawyer liked because it had a boat on the cover. Meg asked if I read Coulter, and I said yes, I enjoyed her. I took this one--the newest--out of the library, and I hate to tell Sawyer this but that's not a boat on the cover. It's Alcatraz. Yes, surrounded by water. But the novel kept me absorbed all weekend, and I didn't do a thing constructive. But, hey, I don't have to. I've met my deadlines, and the things on my desk now are without deadline--better I should have a time to finish them. Tonight I'm watching the mesmerizing PBS Ken Burns special on WWII. I don't remember that war, though I've been told so many stories--my first real "public" memory is FDR's death. My dad fought in WWI and was too old for that one, and yet WWII seems so real to me, because of stories about where we were when Pearl Harbor was bombed and the like. The series is fascinating--and horrifying.

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