Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Life gets out of control sometimes

My life, it seems, has gotten out of control--partly through no fault of my own, but a large part my own fault, which I attribute to having too much on my mind. Last night I was expecting guests--friends who are also advisors to the press and were coming for "wine on the porch" to talk about the press. I prepared an antipasto tray (more about that in a minute), waited and wondered why they didn't come. I finally looked at the calendar and realized they're coming tonight. Well, tonight, I was supposed to be at my brother's in Tolar, but we had about decided to cancel that even before I discovered my calendar mistake--his daughter had a baby girl yesterday morning, and he and Cindy need to be free to be with Jenn and Baby Emelie. So if I wasn't going to Tolar, I asked Susan if she'd take my speaking gig in Granbury tomorrow, and she, admitting she loves an audience, readily agreed as long as I supplied her with notes on what to say. So, I thought, my life is simplified and all will be well.
Well, sort of. Jacob is still sick--I took Jordan lunch, and poor little Jacob could barely manage to smile at me, though he did. And he does NOT want to let go of his mama. And then when I came home I thought the key acted funny, but I got in. Cleaned the cat box and went to empty the droppings--and I was locked out. Jordan couldn't come rescue me, with a sick baby, so I called Christian--his office is not far, and he said he'd come right away. But when he got here, he said that Jordan had called as he was leaving and said, "You're not going to believe what I did." She locked herself out of her house--fortunately, she had a key hidden. Christian told her he was on his way to my house and said, "What is wrong with the Alter girls today?" Actually, that one wasn't my fault. Socorro, who cleans for me, had pushed those little buttons in the lock, which I'll ask her never never to do again! So now I'm walking on eggshells--I've lost count and can't tell is that's three misfortunes or not, but I hope it's the end of the string.
Back to my antipasto tray--it really is elegant. I cut dolma in half, for bite-size pieces, sliced some smoky Gouda and Manchego, added cornichons, and the piece de resistance--fig halves with blue cheese, warpped in prosciutto and broiled. Of course now those fig halves are cold, because I simply bundled up the whole tray and stuck it in the fridge. I'll let it get to room temperature tonight. When I was putting it together I kept thinking of the phrase amuse bouche which translates to please the mouth of "tickle the tastebuds."
Last night, after discovering my calendar mix-up, I had my own happy hour--with a sandwich of chipotle meatloaf that my neighbor had made (yes, it had a kick to it) and a glass of wine. So sophisticated!

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