Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A New/Old Diet and a Riveting Book

This "bug" that got me resulted in a learning experience--my doctor's office advised the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast). I thought that was something wonderful and new, but Melanie told me it's "all over pediatric medicine" and Melinda said she raised her kids on it. It seems to be effective, but I am getting hungry and tired of those four foods. Now I'm on antibiotics, which can always lead to side effects--so I'm not a happy camper.
This enforced laziness, however, has had an upside. I spent the last two days reading Infidel, which I mentioned in a previous post. It's a gripping story, and I have great admiration of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Born in Somalia into a strict Muslim family, she ran away from an arranged marriage, escaped to Holland, educated herself, and eventually became a member of the Dutch Parliament. She is so outspoke about the cruelty and inequities of the Muslim faith, especially against women, that she has received death threats and often had security guards. In spite of her many accomplishments, her telling of the story reveals her as sensitive, with all the insecurities, guilt, and conflicts of the rest of us. I was particularly interested in the way she worked through the conflict between her Muslim faith and the world she was learning about at the University of Leiden. I really recommend this book.
Yesterday I didn't feel like working and was delighted when Jordan said she and Jacob wanted to get out of the house and were headed my way. She and Christian have been in Mexico for a long weekend--I now know there's no justice in this world. She goes to Mexico, and I get Montezuma's Revenge. Anyway, they spent about an hour here, and Jacob was busy as ever. My exercise bike has a coiled wire of some kind in the back, and he's been told firmly several times that it's "not for Jacob." So he got between the wall and the bike, where we couldn't really see him. If I called his name, he favored me with his most winning smile. Jord said he had his hands poised over that wire, as if to say, "Look! I'm not touching it!"
Megan is talking about a girls getaway in Santa Fe when American Eagle starts direct flights. Won't take much to convince me!
Off to read a mystery.

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