Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Pictures

If you asked me, I'd probably tell you I'm happier than I've ever been in my life. I have a wonderful close family with adorable grandchildren, and I see them all fairly frequently; I have work that I love; I have a comfortable home, and the dog and cat and I are settled in; and I have more discretionary income, at least for a while, than I've had. So life is good.
But I realized something today. My mom used to say that her father told her she took such a bad picture that the only place he'd hang it was in the barn. My line was that I inherited that tendency from Mom. I looked awful in pictures. Even my dear friend Bobbie, who thought I could do no wrong, said once she didn't understand why I looked so bad in pictures.
Today I had to go get a new TCU i.d. card. Lost mine, I don't know where--a $20 mistake! The administrative assistant asked if I wanted a new picture, and I said "Absolutely, let's try again. I look like a convict in the old one." Melinda was with me and made me laugh--it was a wonderful happy picture. (I'm taking Melinda next time I have to renew my driver's license!).
Then, back at the office, I looked at the dust jacket for Grace & Gumption, a book for which I was one of 14 contributors. And it's another happy picture.
I never really thought I was unhappy before, but now I'm wondering. Anyway I look different in pictures--and I thought it was interesting.

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