Tuesday, November 28, 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


My cottage is now cozy with soft Christmas lights. Jordan has done an amazing job of decorating with all my favorite things—the tree (okay it’s fake, and I don’t love that, but I bow to convenience). The fake tree is redeemed by Scottish ornaments sent by dear friends in Omaha. And Santa Mac—a very Scottish Santa complete with bagpipes, gift from Jeannie Chaffee—dominates the coffee table. On the bookcase is a lighted glass block given to me years ago by a friend of Christian. It sits next to the Jim Shores Kris Kringle I bought myself as a treat when my friend Linda carried Jim Shores works in her store in Granbury. Like the cottage as a whole, each piece has a meaningful story.
Santa Mac

What I love most is the overall effect—the sometimes-harsh ceiling lights stay off, and the Christmas lights, including the electric candles Jean gave me, give a soft glow to the whole living area. It’s a cozy cottage look. And on my desk is the small faux fireplace Jamie gave me. For safety’s sake, we have it turned so that it gives almost no heat, but the flames inspire warmth.

I am all set for the season.

Jim Shores Santa

I didn’t feel so Christmas-y this morning, however. I usually get up about seven, feed Sophie her first breakfast and let her out. By now, she knows I have a piece of cheese waiting for her, so she doesn’t stay long. Once she’s safely back in the cottage, I go back to bed for my second sleep. Well, this morning I totally missed my second sleep because I had to get ready for a nine o’clock dental appointment.

I won’t say I’m a dental phobic—although my dentist might say that. But as a young teen, around twelve, I had to have extensive dental work, and back then, in the Dark Ages, it was not as smooth, fast, and painless as it is today. The drill was clumsy and slow, the noise in my ears horrible. Our dentist was a non-relative uncle, a man I greatly appreciated when I was grown but who terrified me as a kid. To say he was taciturn is an understatement. So I had a bad introduction to dentistry.

My desktop fireplace
not on my desktop here but you get the idea

I have been with the same dentist now for fifteen years, and what I have learned about caring for my teeth is amazing. I wish I’d known all this years ago. Even in fifteen years, it’s been interesting to watch the developments in dentistry—tiny cameras that get way back in your mouth, video screens that display an x-ray as soon as it’s taken, a computer program so complicated I couldn’t begin to master it. I do have a standing deal with my hygienist that if I continue to take such good care of my teeth, she will not use the hydroelectric thing to clean off stains. It wakens every old memory I have.

So cheers to Dr. Peter Ku and to my hygienist, Stephanie.  Got a clean bill of health along with some cautions about being proactive. And that’s over but only for another three months!

Going to the dentist pretty much shoots the day for me—it’s not so much the time it takes (maybe two hours out of the cottage) as the disruption in routine. But tonight Mary came for happy hour and brought some cranberry relish she’d made—we put it over cream cheese, and it was delicious. Then I fixed Mongolian hamburger and snow peas for dinner—Jordan got busy on a work call, so Christian and I had dinner and a lovely discussion that covered everything from Hunter Biden and Donald trump to Dante’s The Inferno and Milton’s Paradise Lost. I am really delighted to have someone to have such discussions with. Besides, he washed the dishes.

Life is really good.

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