Friday, January 31, 2020

A hectic day

Grilled cheese at Neighbor's Grill
Today should have been an ordinary, pleasant day. I anticipated a lunch with my friend, Carol, but otherwise pretty much an easy day until Jordan had girls in for happy hour before the rodeo. The Lord apparently had other plans for us.

Last night I noticed a bald spot, about the size of a nickel, on Sophie’s flank (I have only recently learned where the flank is—I always thought it meant thigh but not so; it’s on the trunk). We took a picture, and this morning I sent it to the vet. Response: we need to see her.  Since I can’t get my energetic and excitable dog into the car while managing my walker, Jordan had to interrupt her work and drop her off. A couple of hours later, she was ready to be home, so Jordan had to go again.

Meantime I went to lunch with Carol. We went to Neighbors Grocery, a new downtown grocery which was advertised to have terrific burgers—elk, bison, or beef—on Fridays. Turns out it’s only Friday evening, but they are known for the grilled cheese sandwiches. I had grilled cheese with prime rib, and Carol had grilled cheese with brisket. We both agreed they were outstanding. I also had a cup of black-eyed pea soup. It was peas in a tomato broth, lightly seasoned, and delicious. They also have a selection of deli sandwiches, so we brought Jordan a pastrami sandwich.

The store is interesting. Very upscale. You don’t get Starkist tuna there—you get Cento tuna and other off, expensive, wild brands. Carol found a can of boneless, skinless sardines, which made me wonder how much is left of those small fish. Lots of wine, lots of mixers, exotic teas, snacks—a huge refrigerator of sausage and cheese which would have delighted Jordan’s happy hour-loving heart. There’s an emphasis on health and organic foods, and even the chips that came with Carol’s lunch were obviously house made. Not greasy, crisp and real potato flavor. They also offer entrees at lunch. Today they were salmon with lemon sauce and a chicken dish.

If you’re planning to cook dinner, this is not a place you shop. But if you’re downtown and ready for lunch, it’s a great alternative. And if you live downtown—or work there—and want to pick something up on the way home for dinner, it’s a great stop.   I imagine the groceries are expensive, but our lunch sandwiches were $10, which is about what you’d pay anywhere for a good sandwich.

Getting there was not easy. We parked in a garage across the street—free—but the handicapped access ramp was slick and scary. And then we had to cross Sixth Street, which is full of cracks that kept tripping my walker. And the ramp up to the sidewalk was also without traction and scary. I was a bit shaky and done in when we got there. When we left, Carol drove around to get me right in front of the building. I’ll go again but armed with quarters for the meter parking right outside the door.

Meantime, back home, I noticed the Sophie was licking her hot spot. So I had to go to the vet to get an Elizabethan collar. We put it on her, and she instantly got it off. Tried again, and it took a little longer, but she still pawed and shook until it came off. In the late afternoon I called and was told to weave her collar into the loops of the Elizabethan collar. Jacob declined to do that, said his dad would do it. So I’m waiting for dear old dad. Meantime, she licks occasionally but not constantly, and I’m wondering if we really need to subject her to that.

Another “meantime” – I went into the house for happy hour with the girls that were going to rodeo with Jordan, all girls I’m delighted to see and who give me great hugs. But I was antsy, nervous about Sophie, and came back to the cottage after half an hour or so.

It was a busy day at my desk too, but that’s a story for another day. Suffice to say, I have a lot of possible projects and a lot of reading to do to decide between them.

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