Sunday, December 16, 2018

New music and old friends

Phil Green and me in what seem to be
our assigned spots at Burton parties

Such a lovely day today! This morning, Jacob and I went to church, just the two of us. He is the perfect escort—takes care of stashing my walker, holds my purse, generally looks after me. Our church always has glorious music, especially during the holidays, but today was a special event—the debut of a new composition for choir and orchestra, with the composer in the congregation. It was smashing—and I don’t just mean the brass sections. It truly was a magnificent musical experience. And I was one proud grandma to have Jacob in church with me.

Linda Powell and Nancy O'Shea
We go back together a lot of years

Tonight, Christian and Jordan had a few neighbors in, along with two of my longtime
friends—both women who, like me, had been doctors’ wives back in the day. They are special to me, and I loved visiting with them. Our next-door neighbors, a young couple who are both physicians, are also hunters, and they brought duck cooked several ways with fancy tags telling us what was what (I passed on the poppers with jalapeno).
Roast duck breast
Delicious. Christian made his drunken meatballs, and there were salads, a rice dish (mine), a potato dish, a corn pudding, which is something I’ve been wanting to make. Jordan made her wine cake recipe that is always a hit. Nice, casual, easy evening.

My new rug
The drunken meatballs remind me—Jacob was trying to tell me about some drinks that had been partially drunk. He said, “They’d been drinken.” Then he thought that didn’t sound right and he said, “Dranken.” I suggested “Drunk.” And so we invented a new conjugation: drinken, dranken, drunk.

And a highlight of my weekend: a new rug for my living area. Sophie, who is never sick and is perfectly housebroken, had a stomach attack of something beyond her control and delivered the coup de gras to the rug that’s been in the cottage fifteen years or more. It’s cheaper to buy a new rug than to send the old one to the cleaners, a fact that smacks of conspicuous consumption to me.  But the old rug appeared beyond saving, so I ordered a new one—Amazon has everything! The one I chose was a bold change for me—colorful to say the least—so I asked Christian’s opinion, and he was enthusiastic. (Tonight, he took credit for picking it, but I reminded him I picked it; he only approved.) Anyway, so far it has met with approval from everyone I’ve dragged out to look at it.

No work done today. Tomorrow will be a work day—and I have promised the family a taco salad, and I have gingerbread to make. ‘Tis the holidays, and I love it.

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