Thursday, September 27, 2018

On top of the world—almost

A beautiful, sunny morning in Fort Worth, if a tad chilly—57 is just a bit below my comfort zone, and I am at my desk wrapped in the comfort of my prayer shawl. Big contrast to yesterday when I woke to dark and dreary skies that eventually produced a good rain. Our ground is saturated. But the rain disappeared, and the day brightened

This morning I’ve been corresponding with my BFF from high school—so wonderful that we are still close. We’ve mutually agreed that some of the good times of our past aren’t going to come around again, but we have rich memories to call up and enjoy. Like days and nights at the Indiana Dunes (a comparison sparked by a friend’s photos from the Sahara) and the time Barbara and her sister dropped a window screen out of their third-floor window to the sidewalk below. Fortunately, they didn’t kill anybody.

I’ve also sent notes to several close friends with whom I had not checked in lately (I heard a complaint, which made me put them first on my to-do-list). So, I am feeling much surrounded with love this morning. A medical report which had me a tad worried came back normal yesterday, I had dinner at the Star Café—chicken-fried steak again—and I slept better last night than I have in several years. Sophie slept well too, except for one episode of wanting her water dish filled at 1:30. When she sleeps well, I do better.

This morning I’m going to sort through files relating to my current project—it’s a long story, and I’ll share it another time, but the files were compiled by a good friend, so for me it will be an exploratory journal. And I’ll definitely have the Senate hearing on the TV while I explore. Sure is a big box of papers—sigh.

No wonder I’m almost on top of the world. Hope you are too.

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