Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A rant and a rave

A day of extremes. Neighbor Mary Dulle went with me, in a Lyft, to get my car from the trim shop. Jordan still doesn’t want me to drive alone, though I think she’s most worried about the getting in and getting out rather than the driving per se. Anyway, Mary was my co-pilot, and she said I done good. I can’t say enough nice things about Joe at West Side Trim—super nice guy.

On the way home, we detoured to CVS to pick up two prescriptions—one for an inexpensive antacid medication and one for gosh-awful expensive eye drops. We went last night, and they weren’t ready. When I got home, I called to sort things out, and they said the one was ready. No telling how it got ready in the five minutes it took us to get home.

A few days ago, they told me since I’m in the dreaded donut hole, the eye drops would be $280. I balked, called the doctor’s office, and was told yes, I need them, but I could find a coupon on the drug’s web page and get them for $50. Found no such coupon but did find one promising 75% savings.

When I asked for the drops today I was told $180 (not sure where we dropped $100) and I said confidently that I had a coupon, which I presented. With the coupon the cost was $500+. It seems the $180 was still with my insurance, while the coupon reverts to the manufacturer’s price. I went with the $180—and the $4 antacid.

Got home to find the eye drop package contained not one but three containers! I didn’t want three, certainly didn’t want to pay for them! Called, and CVS will take the two untouched ones back. Is your head spinning yet? Mine still is.

Tonight’s dinner made up for the angst of the eye drops. Betty, Jean and I went to a funky new place called La Zona/Hotel Madrid. Open only for a month, it’s in an aged building the waiter told us used to be a barber shop, but I think I remember a used car lot. The small interior was literally decorated with broad brush strokes. Tables are long and communal. A full-service bar takes up a large portion of the space.

The menu has a selection of traditional tapas, several pizzas, large shared salads, and three dessert items. Betty and Jean shared a chicken/pesto pizza, but I ordered the marinated white anchovies—a favorite of mine. We split a wonderful salad, the Sophie, three ways—it has apple and avocado, mixed greens, and a good dressing. Betty had the wedding cake for dessert—dressed with an apricot brandy sauce—and I had flan. Good food, fun décor, a bit noisy but bearable.

There’s a large patio that would be great on a cooler night, and a small building where churros are served. I call it one of the more fun additions to Magnolia Avenue.

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