Monday, November 13, 2017

Some days don’t go as you planned

Another day at home all day in the cottage, but my mood was much improved over yesterday. Maybe it was because the sun was shining. I spent too much of the morning dealing with the busy-ness of life—a prescription bill from the mail-in pharmacy, a call to inquire about scheduling the eye surgery (no, in spite of a promise to call back before the end of the day, I have not heard from them), a call to my doctor’s office to renew prescriptions which they said were called in to the pharmacy (they weren’t, and it makes me nervous to go without cardiac drugs), a call to check on auto insurance (thanks to Colin, that one seems straightened out). All in all, a morning of frustration.

I did spend some time on my Christmas gift list—more frustration. I give several magazine subscriptions, and untangling which ones automatically renew and which don’t is a mammoth project. I made a little headway.

But I also edited two chapters on my WIP and did some thinking. It may sound pretentious or silly or something, but thinking is part of an author’s job. And I have figured out how to make two characters really fit in while eliminating one who just didn’t fit in. I threw him in one day in a spirit of making my thousand words a day, but he didn’t belong. Just didn’t have the oomph to deal with it in a fresh way tonight, and may not tomorrow because, gasp!, my social calendar is sort of full.

I confess I spent way too much time on Facebook these days. I enjoy the social camaraderie, like an exchange today with the daughter of a late and very treasured friend—can’t believe she’d just have turned 92. To me she is always in her seventies and forever young. But there is more to my focus and, as you can guess, it’s the ever-increasing tangle of the presidency, the investigations, and now the idiocy of Roy Moore’s candidacy for the Senate. Something new unfolds every few minutes, and I can’t bear to miss it.

Tonight, I thought I’d have the whole family for soup, but it turned out to be Jacob’s Bible study night and he had to rush. Then his parents both disappeared, and I fixed myself soup and salad, put dishes, soup and everything away. They appeared about nine for dinner, and we had a good visit. Life is, if nothing else, unpredictable.

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