Saturday, March 04, 2017

A lazy day

March 4, 2017

            I didn’t sleep well last night—stomach issues--so it was lovely to do what the Brits call a lie-about—lie in bed way past the usual time my conscience gets me up. Being lazy was fun—the stomach issues not so much so. But my energy level didn’t improve as the day went along. I blame it on the weather—dreary all day. This afternoon I swear it was raining in my driveway but not in my back yard—crazy!
            Can you tell I'm reading a Deborah Crombie Scotland Yard novel? Lie-about for sleeping in. This morning, frustrated at something, I almost said, "Bugger!" Talk about getting into the world of what you're reading.

            I finally declared a vacation day—no writing. Determined to finish the novel. When I take a day off from writing ideas bubble in my brain, so it’s a good thing.

            Last night I had dinner with Subie and Phil at Local Foods Kitchen—I’d had takeout from there before but had never been there. There’s a small but pleasant seating area inside, and tables on the porch, where we sat—a little chilly by the time we left but pleasant. Watched the sky turn from rosy pink to gray. But the main attraction is a counter full of take-out food. I had a twice-baked potato and a beet-and-orange salad; my friends had crawfish/shrimp cakes, potatoes Dauphin, and a kale salad. (I can’t abide kale and am allergic to shrimp). Apparently the Kitchen is crowded and noisy at noon but was perfectly pleasant in the evening.

            Today I was ravenous at noon, so diced and fried a potato and had two sliders—should have saved one but I went ahead and ate it. Tonight, Nova Scotia fish cakes, cold roast beet pieces, and sautéed zucchini slices. The fish cakes were a recipe I found and wanted to try but when I got into it, I had second thoughts. You mash potatoes and let them cool; mix milk and fish and refrigerate; then heat, drain, and cool. Then mix all together and refrigerate Good golly Molly, should have started this at noon! It calls for cod or similar fish, but my go-to is my good canned tuna.

            The fish cakes, to my surprise, were good enough that I’ll try again. This time I really will start at noon, so I can finish before 8:30. I’m not one for fashionably late dining. Cleaning up? Time enough tomorrow.

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