Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A day of small disappointments and large pleasures

A breath of spring in the cottage
Gift from a friend
A Day without Women totally got by me, but then I don’t know how I could have boycotted, etc. I don’t go to work, don’t care for children or a husband. I’m responsible only for me…which is maybe the point. Anyway I applaud the women who took time and trouble to broadcast the sorry state of women, even today.

My day started with hurry up and wait. Jordan and I were going shopping at ten, but a young woman had an accident right in front of our house, hit a car owned by a PTA mother Jordan has known since they were both in middle school. Jordan went out and found the young woman—pregnant and frightened—sitting in a smoking car, waiting for her husband, ambulance, fire dept., police, whoever. With great authority Jordan said, “I need you to get out of the car.” She took the woman to our porch got her water and waited with her.  I am so proud of her and wouldn’t have wanted her to do anything else but not knowing the circumstances, I was out in the cottage frustrated and waiting.

My other disappointment, frustration came from the phone. I am so weary of calls from institutions where I must punch one for English, punch in my address, phone, last four digits, age, birthdate—only to be put on hold and eventually find that the call is totally unimportant. Or get an operator with such a heavy accent I can’t understand. Bank of America today wanted to verify my information, but when they got me on the phone they found out it was already verified. I’d love to ignore these calls but I’m always afraid it has something to do with my credit or whatever.

Big pleasures: Jordan and I went to Trader Joe’s, with my list. I had never been, had a skewed idea about it, and absolutely loved it. We went at an off-hour, so parking was easy and the store was blessedly empty. I saw so many things I wanted, from snacks to frozen entrees. Had butternut squash with creamed spinach tonight. I want to go back there.

Home for lunch, and then to Central Market. I haven’t been in a grocery store in months, and this was a real treat. In this case, my list was made out in order of where things were because that store is familiar to me. Jordan kept piling things into the basket on my lap, until I could barely see over the top. I was delighted when one of the butchers recognized me, and a cheese man had a good laugh about me and my piled-high basket. I love that store, but it frustrates Jordan. We’ll have to educate each other—she can teach me Trader’s, and I’ll defuse her frustration with Central Market.

Because of these shopping forays, I have provisions enough for a long time.

To top off the day, Jordan took Sophie to the vet. Sophie (not Jordan) has snuffled with allergies, and I’ve been treating her with Benadryl. But yesterday she sneezed a fine spray of blood twice but then normal sneezes. I called the vet hoping he’d phone diagnose but he wanted to see her, so off they went. A vet bill and some drops later, Sophie seems just fine.

No writing today Just dealing with life as it came along. But it was a good day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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