Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The good old days

Remember when summer was a time for kids to be kids, free to do whatever they wanted (within reason)? I remember at least one summer when I rode my bike to the public library every morning got four or five books, went home and spent the day on the screened-in front porch reading. Next morning I went back to return those and get more. The neighborhood kids thought I was squirrelly at best.
These days kids don't have that freedom. I wouldn't let Jacob ride his bike alone around the block, let alone to a public library a mile from home. Because his parents both work all day, his summer days are as structured as during the school year. He's either in some special camp or he's at the Clayton YES (Youth Enrichment Services) program at his school.
This week, I'm giving him a vacation. He stayed over Sunday night, stayed up way too late without my knowledge, and slept until ten. That morning he said he'd just like a week when he could sleep in, so I thought why not? He sleeps in (except Tuesday when we went to the country where he had a wonderful time) and spends much of the day on his iPad though I arrange outings--one day we went to lunch with friends he enjoys, then we went to the bank to sign some papers and meet his mom, and he went for his regular reading lesson. Today friends he adores took him at lunch because I had a previous commitment and then he had a swimming play date. Tomorrow another swimming play date. I do not want him to be a kid who does nothing but iPad but I figure for one week, it's okay--it makes him use his brain cells. And, oh yes, we do read for 30 minutes every morning. He's eating lots of peanut butter and honey, but that's okay too. At night he's in his room on the iPad and I'm at my desk--like two ships passing in the night. But maybe someday he'll remember his grandmother who let him do whatever he wanted.
Meantime I'm enjoying his company--what I have of it. And I will confiscate the iPad at bedtime.

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