Monday, July 07, 2014

A loverly day

This morning I woke up with a sense of euphoria--usually it takes me ten minutes to transition from whatever dream I was having to the real world (I dream deeply and usually remember them, at least for a while). But I felt optimistic, my hips didn't hurt as they have been, and I felt ready to take on the world. Except I didn't have to. Over the weekend I finished the third edits on a manuscript--it's ready to go to readers before I send it to my editor--and I finished the book I was reading, plus cooked Sunday dinner for six people, had a lovely lunch with friends, and had two other friends in for wine and cheese. Yeah, it was a good holiday weekend.
But today I'm an author without a project--I honestly don't know what project I want to do next, and I'm fairly compulsive (mild understatement) about having work on my desk. I read something about the difference in prayer between talking to God and listening to God. Perhaps I'm waiting for Him to tell me what to do...or waiting for inspiration to strike me--they both may be the same thing.
But I convinced myself today that I didn't have to do anything. So I spent a nice hour or so going through the accumulated food magazines on my desk--have to check them one more time for recipes I might want to try. I ran some errands. I cleaned up a few odds and ends.
And tonight I checked my books on Amazon. Some authors do that daily. I don't, haven't done it in a long time and was pleasantly surprised. I don't have a lot of reviews but the ones I have are so good they're liable to give me the big head. Maybe that's a clue to what I should do next--keep on doing what I've been doing.
I did have one surprise--an audio edition of one of my books that I didn't know existed. I swear I never signed a contract, never saw the cover art, never heard of the narrator, and never got a penny of royalties. I'll have to look into it, since it's probably been the best-selling book I ever wrote since I put it up on Amazon at a really low price...and it's gathered something like 130 reviews. I think it would make a great audio book, with the right narrator, but I'd like a piece of the action, thank you very much.
I expect to drift through tomorrow...and maybe the rest of the week in the same fashion--taking care of some aspects of my life I've ignored (four loads of laundry today) and reading and waiting for inspiration to strike.
And oh boy did I have a good nap today. The kind that really makes it hard to wake up.

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