Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Travelin' Jack is Back

Last week I wrote about the little black kitten that showed up briefly in my driveway and then settled himself on neighbor Susan's porch. Elizabeth bought cat food, and the two of them fed him--he was really skinny and ate voraciously, so we all thought he'd stick around, grow to be a rat repeller without ultrasonic sounds. The next day he disappeared. Susan worried about him, and I feared a predator had gotten him. Elizabeth said she was sure he'd come back. In absentia, Susan named him Travelin' Jack.
Today the music teacher at the school across the street put a notice on the neighborhood email that she'd found a lively, sweet, mischievous black kitten. Susan and Elizabeth rushed over to see her, and she delivered the kitten to Susan tonight. She'll keep him in the basement, visiting often, for a few days to encourage him to stick around. Elizabeth went over and said he curled right up on her lap and went to sleep.
We need a good varmint repeller---the predators (owls and hawks, some coyotes) that everyone sees are in the south end of the neighborhood and never seem to make it up to our area. Jaimie and Greg at the end of our long block are overrun with feral cats--but they too avoid us.
Other than it was a blah day. Do you ever have a day when you feel just "off"? That was me today. Don't know if it is the heat or fatigue (I woke at 4:40 and couldn't go back to sleep) or what. Still I managed to write 2,300 words--a respectable accomplishment for a day. Jacob was wild after school--second grade has released a flood of adrenaline apparently, plus he's overjoyed that he has no home work all week! Cancelled dinner plans didn't help my outlook, but I had a half of a pimiento sandwich, sliced cucumbers, and the best plumcot I've ever eaten--so ripe and sweet. Finished the day with wine on the deck with Susan and Elizabeth--nice ending to a blah day.
OK, pity party over. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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