Friday, November 09, 2012

One of those good days

To me, today, everything is coming up roses. Started the morning early to get a new black ink cartridge for my new printer--gosh, the one that came with it went fast! But I successfully installed it and am back in business. A minor triumph. Then to the Container Store for Christmas wrapping supplies--just a few things that cost a whopping $60. It's that thick yarn I love to use instead of ribbon--because I like the way it looks and because I never can make a pretty bow.
Then met two friends who date back to the '60s for lunch at Z's Cafe--terrific sandwiches as always (I love their ham and cheese). Georgia is gluten free, so she brought her flourless chocolate b'day cake, which is like eating fudge. I ate a modest amount and somehow ended up with the rest to bring home. Jacob had some after school and loved it, but tonight he chose some gingersnaps I'd found cleaning the freezer. Said, "I love those cookies."
This afternoon plans suddenly came together, and it looks like Jordan and I will have a week in Hawaii this winter. Excited. I never thought I'd go there. I think the trip to Scotland has given me more impetus for travel--I'm getting it a little late in life, but what fun. We'll go to Kauai and Maui.
And then Jacob was running all over the house, taking photos with his phone (an old one with no service) because, he said, my house is so interesting. He wrote "I love you, Juju" on a post-it, posted it on the edge of my desk, and took a picture. What  more could I ask for?
A minor tragedy: when he wasn't looking Sophie sneaked a piece of his favorite large-piece puzzle off the table and mangled it. He as so clearly mad at her (and threw a kick her way before I caught him) that now she's scared of him. I've told him he'll have to make amends. Hard to make a six-year-old understand that two minutes after she chewed it she didn't understand why he was mad.
And a peanut butter story: I've finally wised up that hydrogenated peanut butter is not good for him (he eats tons of it) so now I buy the kind with oil on top. You have to stir the oil in and then refrigerate it. Yesterday when I made him the requested sandwich, he shoved it away and said, "I'm not eating this healthy peanut butter any more." I mildly answered that yes he was because that was all I had...and he ate it. Want to buy it? Try Smuckers or Central Market Organics. I'm sure there are other brands.

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