Tuesday, November 06, 2012

How did you spend election night?

Elizabeth, my temporary tenant, volunteered to "babysit" me, because I was nervous about the election--days ago. But today I was sort of philosophical. I made black bean soup and a salad, and then we worked on the jigsaw puzzle. When she gave up and went out to the aaprtment, it was late--all of 7:45! I'm back at my desk, with the television muted. Honest, I found out more on Facebook than I did on the news, and I've decided I probably just want to find out in the morning. Will go to bed early.
Do I think it's a crucial election? Of course. Anyone who knows me knows that. I've been threatening to move to Scotland if the Republicans win, but everyone knows I won't leave my family. (If it weren't for them, the idea has great appeal!) I am cheered now--just glanced at the TV and see that the President has pulled ahead in electoral votes.
This may be as bad as 2008, where we don't know in the morning, but you know what? I've done what I could. I've been vocal in person and on Facebook, I voted early, and, yes, I've prayed. I feel a bit guilty because I didn't walk blocks for the President or other candidates I care about, but that was beyond my precarious balance these days. I've honestly tried to have intelligent discussions with others--not always possible, on either side.
A wise friend wrote that all she wanted was for the country to unite behind whoever wins. Easier said than done, and I fear that our country is so polarized that won't happen. But maybe that's good. Maybe checks and balances will work out and prove the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.
I'm babbling. Sign of tension. 'Night  all.

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