Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jacob turned six today

I'm left tonight with the warm glow that comes from being with family and good friends--and having a thoroughly happy six-year-old grandson. Jacob had his "kids" party at Legoland Saturday and then Saturday night a party at home with his parents friends and their chidren. But today was the real day. I called this morning to wish him happy birthday and said, "It's going to be a special day all day, isn't it?" He said firmly, "Yes, it is." I told him I'd pick him up after day care (got to stop calling it school) and bring him home and we'd have a party. His grown-up reply was "Got it!"
So tonight his Burton grandparents and Aunt Doodie (Christian's sister) joined my neighbors Jay and Susan, good friends Elizabeth and Weldon, former neighbor Meredith with her two little ones (her daughter, two years younger, is one of Jacob'd delights--he ran to tell me "Abby's here!") and my dear friend Aunt Betty in celebrating. Not an imaginative menu--hot dogs, baked beans, leftover potato salad from Saturday, sour-cream onion dip (I overdid on that!), pickled cucumbers (my experiment that everyone loved) and a sinful chocolate mousse cake. Jacob had requested "those little brown sausages" and green peas, and I had promised him whatever he wanted since it was his birthday, so his menu differed from ours. We sat on the porch and visited, while Jacob, Abby, and Poppy played Frisbee and I don't know what else on the lawn. Some ate inside, others outside--lovely evening--and then we all gathered for cake and presents. Jacob was truly excited by each present and ran around giving hugs. Everybody talked at once, and it was a wonderful evening.
Jordan had the kitchen cleaned before I felt I could leave my guests to get in there and help her, so I finished up after everyone left. I am so blessed by family and friends who care about me and mine. This was extended family, people who have watched Jacob grow up and who care about him...and us. Wonderful.
Early in the evening, before everyone arrived, the sky clouded up and it looked like rain. Jacob turned contemplative and even unhappy at the prospect of rain on his parade, and he refused to let his mom take a picture of him. But I snuck one...and I think it's one of my favorites.

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