Monday, June 25, 2012

Break dancing and a bike with gears

Ever think about watching a six-year-old give a break dancing lesson to two forty-year-olds? I hadn't, but that's what I did Satuday night, and I laughed until I cried. Jacob tried to teach his aunt and uncle, my daughter Megan and her husband Brandon, how to do that Michael Jackson move where he squats and kind of turns all the way around--I asked Jacob if it had a name but he said no. Still, you'd know what I'm talking about if you saw it. Even I knew, and I'm far from familiar with break dancing--though I may get that way soon. Brandon sort of did it, and Jacob high-fived him. Then Megan announced she knew how to moonwalkk and demonstrated, but Brandon said it was the sorriest moonwalk he'd ever seen and proceeded to glide across the floor. Jacob did demonstrations for us--a routine perfectly timed to the music B. played. Not sure where he gets it, but Jacob is sure good at it--maybe it's a six-year-old's lack of inhibition. I never even learned to jitterbug, and that was "the thing" in my day.
Other highlights of a weekend in Austin were seeing eight-year-old Sawyer get his birthday present--a bike with gears and hand brakes, which he'd been wanting for family bike rides in their hilly part of Austin. And lunch with my daughters at Z Tejas, one of my favorite Austin restaurants. And a too-short visit with my oldest, Colin, and his children, Morgan and Kegan. Lisa was in Haiti on a mission trip--or so we thought. Actually she was sitting in the Miami airport--spent almost 24 hours in Miami instead of a quick layover on the way to Haiti. But Colin and the kids drove up from Houston for the birthday and back that night.
I napped, read, and was lazy--no one put me to work, which I would have welcomed. And I stayed out of the way of a swimming pool party with eighteen eight-year-olds. Lots of splashing. But a big event: Jacob decided he wasn't afraid of the water and spent the rest of the weekend in the pool--with a life jacket. Swimming lessons coming up. I was afraid he'd get over-confident and go in without the jacket--Jordan said he did once, sank to the bottom, but came right up. Lesson learned.
All is all, as always, it was great to be with my family. I am so lucky.
Home Sunday night--drive on I-35 took much longer than it should because of heavy traffic that slowed to 20 mph for no apparent reason, then picked up again. Today I've spent all day at my computer. Tired but so proud of accomplishing a lot. Very optimistic tonight.

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