Thursday, May 24, 2012

A wasted day saved by a great dinner

Today was an absolutely wasted day --or at least the morning was and after that I just gave up and decided not to try to be brilliant today. I arrived at the doctor's office at 9:55 for a 10:10 appointment--being a physician's daughter, I was taught to be prompt. And 10:10 is such a precise time that it indicated efficient scheduling to me. Not so. Ten-thirty came and went, people who had come in long after I had were ushered back--to see different doctors, I suppose. One other woman waited as long or longer than I did--she as there when I arrived. Waiting is not something I do gracefully, even though I had my iPhone and my iPad. I inquired once a little after 10:30 and was told I was next--then, oops, sorry, there's one more patient ahead of you. At eleven, they announced that my doctor was running  late--it would be at least another hour. I went to the desk and they asked if I wanted to go have lunch and come back. No, I emphatically did not! The doctor's next appointment would be July 31, so I rescheduled to see the P.A. on June 14--specifically asked for and got the first appointment of the morning.
Next stop--after a necessary potty stop at my former office--was the bank to look for some papers in my safe deposit box. It seems the bank no longer staffs the safe deposit desk, so I would have to sign in and wait for a bank officer to admit me--once again there was one person ahead of me. But I could see no bank person rushing to help, and I got the sinking feeling that one person ahead of me had been waiting a long time. I left, saying I'd try again tomorrow. What I didn't add was, "When my mood is better."
A whole morning wasted Came home, had lunch, checked emails, and napped--time to get Jacob.
Tonight Jeannie, Betty and I went to a reception to get a farewell hug from a favorite minister who's leaving the churchfor new opportunities. A bittersweet moment. Then we went to Piola for dinner--we meant to sit on the patio until the waitress asked, "Are you sure?" It was pretty hot and steamy and we stayed inside for a wonderful meal. Betty had Chilean sea bass; Jeannie had penne Bolognese, and I had veal piccata with asparagus risotto. I swore I wouldn't eat much risotto--so fattening, you know. I ate almost every bite, and it was a generous serving. The whole wasted day was swept away with that meal and a good glass of chadonnay.
Yeah, maybe I'll work a bit tonight.

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