Thursday, March 15, 2012

The week that was

What a week it's been, between my dog and my foot. I'm pleased to report that my foot is almost without pain. The shoe is a nuisance--perhaps you read my Facbook post about what Jacob said when he saw it: "That's new. When are you getting a wheelchair?" But it's a minor problem, and I go back to the doctor for a new and smaller bandage--and permission to take a shower, thank goodness.
And tonight Scooby is home from the vet after spending two nights there because of idiopathic (means we don't know what the heck caused this) vestibular disorder. The vet put it in clear terms for me: it was like Scooby was on a big drunk. He had no balance, was confused, unsteady, couldn't focus. And of course he was scared to death. Such episodes are not unsual in older dogs and usually pass in two or three days. He is much better tonight but still wobbly and he has a head tilt, which they tell me may be permanent. I think it's kind of cute. I went out back to play with both dogs--and really to love on Scooby--tonight but Miss Jealous Puppy would have none of that. Scooby really tried toi play with her, barking, snapping, turning to get her--she is of course way too fast for him, but he was game. Now he's in his most favorite place ever, his bed, and the puppy is sort of amusing herself in my office, every once in a while jumping on me to entice me to play with her. In a bit I'll play okay--with the grooming brush.
When my kids were of an age where they came and went, even overnight, I was always so glad when all four were under my roof. Tonight I feel that way about my dogs. Of course, it would be nice to have the children too, but....
Working on m chili manuscript for two days untl my brain is fried--endnotes attributions, picture inserts, all the details that aren't nearly as much fun as the writing. But it's given me a taste for chili--espeicially since I had the sloppy joe I made and froze a week ago for supper and, yep! It tasted scorched. Not sure my skillet has recovered yet. Jordan has invited some people for a porch party tomorrow night, so I'll make that standby:Velveeta and Wolf Brand chili. So good.

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Cher'ley said...

Enjoyed your blog. I know about adding the details to your writing. My Lizzie (boxer), is hold her back legs stiff all the time now and walks sideways, in a drunk fashion, most of the time. Doesn't seem to be in pain, is on medication to see if it will help. n
I hate those two work thingys. I'll probably end up not being able to post this.