Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Be patient, Juju, be patient!

One recent night when I had put an parchment packet with spinach, mushrooms, and egg in the oven to bake, Jacob decided he had to have his pajamas before dinner. I kept telling him my dinner was over-cooking, and he kept saying, "Be patient, Juju, be patient." Result? One really hard egg, when I like them runny and soft. I wanted to tell Jacob he was saying that to the wrong person--I am not by nature a patient person,. But I've decided the writer's life requires some patience. Today I was supposed to get the return of an author's comment on an edited manuscript, so I can get it back to Texas Tech Press on time. It didn't come, and Fed Ex now says tomorrow, no matter that it was designated yesterday for overnight delivery. Does snow throw Austin off that much? The snow in Fort Worth was a fizzle--lots of tiny flakes that came down fairly heavily but melted as soon as they hit the ground. In Austin, apparently, it was a different story--lots of heavy, wet, big snowflakes. In Fort Worth, all we had was a really damp cold that got into your bones. No picturesque scenes like last week--and that's probably a blessing.
Anyway, the manuscript didn't come, and I'm not about to dig into my own manuscript only to have to abandon it tomorrow for the other project. So I'm left trying to be patient--and to develop a proposal for Story Cicrle Network for a class on writing cookbooks. Now that I've done one, I'm an expert--really? In medicine, we used to laugh about docs whose apparent model was, "See one, do one, teach one." But I do have lots of ideas, including some things I would have done differently. But for now I'm being patient and losing myself in Susan Wittig Albert's novel, Spanish Dagger.
There is a food side to my day. Betty and I went to The Covey, a restaurant/brewery. I had lunched there a long time ago and not been impressed, but Jeannie said she had appetizers there recently and they were wonderful. She was so right! We split miniature lobster tacos, with chicken-fried lobster, and crab cakes. Absolutely delicious. Then we split a pear/Gorgonzola salad with field greens and dried cranberries--do you realize what dried cranbierries do for a salad? This one had a raspberry vinaigrette, and while I don't usually enjoy semi-sweet salad dressings, I loved this one. We both agreed we'll go back there, for lunch as well as supper.
A line I read in an e-mail today: Depression is just anger without enthusiasm. I love that!

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