Monday, April 23, 2007

Weight training, grandchildren

Well, I've had m comeuppance. Every morning (well, I try to make it every morning) I do a series of stretches before my ride on the stationary bike, and for some I use small hand weights. I've known for some time my 2 lb. weights were too light, and I need 5 lb. ones. Tonight Jordan brought Jacob for supper. I walked into the family room and there stood my 10-month-old grandson, holding one of my weights in each hand. (He stands very well, can get to a standing position without pulling himself up, and walks with shaky steps.) That was too much! I've been bested by a toddler! I'm ordering 5 lb. weights immediately!
And as to my uncertainties about me as a grandmother this weekend, Jamie emailed that they were barely to the highway last night when Edie said, "I miss Juju already--do you, Dad?" It made my day, as he knew it would.

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