Saturday, April 06, 2019

Rainy day stuff

It was a dark and stormy night—oh, no, I mean morning. By 9:30 the sky was almost dark as night, thunder rumbled, lightning flashed—and sweet Sophie followed me around mournfully with accusing eyes as though I had deliberately let this happen. No amount of, “It’ll be all right, Soph” seemed to help. The actual heavy storm, with a downpour, passed rather quickly, and we are left with a drizzly, dull day.

The chickens don’t like rainy weather any better than Sophie does, but they are much more vocal in their protests. My goodness, they’re noisy this morning.

Once I was sure the worst of it was over, I went to pick up my Central Market groceries. To my surprise, Jordan didn’t caution me not to go or to be careful on slippery roads or any of those things, but I was extra cautious, always watching to see that the other guy didn’t slip and slide instead of stopping.

As I drove away, a sleek black dog, medium in size, darted across the street and into our front yard, where it turned in circles and looked both scared and puzzled. It is too much trouble for me and my walker to get out of the car, let alone chase a dog across lawns, so I called Jordan and stopped to put the dog on the neighborhood email. Christian didn’t get out in time to see it, and it dawned on me it might be the neighbor’s half-grown lab. They didn’t respond to a call. I wish I knew so I won’t worry about that dog all day.

Was able to help reunite a dog and its family later in the day, through the same neighborhood email. I’d love if it were the same dog, but I don’t think so. The one I saw was black; the one that was found (on a busy street) was brown with a white paw.

Today was to have been our neighborhood-wide garage sale, postponed until next week way in advance because of the almost hundred per cent chance of rain. The annual zoo run was also on today’s calendar, which meant I would have to avoid my favorite shortcut when I went to Central Market. But with the weather, I went ahead and took the zoo road. Still don’t know if the race was cancelled or simply over by the time I got there, but there are few things more discouraging than empty race stations in the drizzle.

Saying for the day comes from TODAY show host Carson Daly, talking about his lifelong battle with anxiety: “If you took chalk on a chalkboard and made a mess, that was the noise in my brain. That was the anxiety,” he said. “And being on [his new medication] is like someone took an eraser and just erased it.” I don’t know what medication has made such a difference, but I am delighted for him. I too have battled anxiety much of my adult life but am no longer on medication. I think his description of the chalkboard is the most apt I’ve ever heard, and I would hope all those who poohpooh anxiety as “all in your head” will read and heed it.

No anxiety here today. I have a good book, and it’s a perfect day for a nap. A good friend coming for an early glass of wine this evening. My kind of Saturday. Stay dry and cozy, friends (actually the temperature has dropped quite a bit).

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