Saturday, March 10, 2018

Computer woes out the kazoo

For someone like me who spends a large portion of the day at the computer, days like yesterday are disaster. My internet service went steadily downhill. Every few minutes, I would get a message that the Microsoft connection to Outlook (my email) had been lost, followed almost immediately by a message that it had been restored. Explorer consistently told me I had no connection or that page couldn’t found. Then, miraculously, Faebook or MSN news would pop up, only to disappear again. By evening, I could not get internet service. Oh, and somewhere along the line Microsoft made me change my password. I’m not certain where or when I use that password, but I know what the new one is.

Today, nada, nothing, zip. Finally, mid-morning I got on my email. The connection asked for my security key number—unknown to me, I had it on a piece of paper magnetized to the refrigerator. Finally, it worked, and I got email but I could click on links, etc.

I called ATT, our service provider—not once but five or six times. Got that robot each time, and a few times he told me there was too much static on the line; another time, they couldn’t accept my call at that time. What’s up with that?

The real trouble when I do get connected to a service tech is that with my compromised hearing and their accented English. I think one told me it was a Microsoft problem, not sure what two others told me, one lady promised to call back and claimed my phone went dead when she did. One tech asked me to look at the modem—problem with that is I’m in the cottage and the modem is in the house and no one was home.

Christian came home and confirmed that the green lights were on, so I called once again. This time, the tech (what is this? Number ten?) needed someone to be at the router, so I called Christian, asked him to expect the call, and then asked the tech to call Christian’s number. A few minutes later, Christian came out to the cottage, phone to his ear, and told me to log out of Explorer and back in. It worked! It turned out to be as simple as unplugging the router and plugging it back in. And the bonus? In the process, Christian arranged for an update which is supposed to speed up our service. A thousand thanks to Christian for taking time to deal with it when he was obviously otherwise preoccupied.

A lovely end to the day. A good friend whom I don’t see often enough came for supper, and we had a wonderful visit. Wine on the patio, and then dinner in the cottage—a sort-of salade Nicoise pictured above and a blueberry/pear crisp. So tonight I’m a happy camper, full tummy, basking in the glow of friendship, and at a computer that works. What more could a girl ask for?

No cold front yet. The French doors are open, but I understand it’s headed our way.


Unknown said...

First, thank you for the kind comment regarding my novel "The Stone Place". I really appreciate it. Second, I have had the same trouble with Microsoft, etc. It ended up costing me $250 to get "fixed" then I still had trouble developing now and then. I am truly fed up with Microsoft. If publishers didn't demand you use Word, I sure wouldn't have anything to do with them at all. I went to Mac then loaded Microsoft Works for Mac. Didn't seem to matter. Still had trouble with them. I really loath it!

judyalter said...

n all fairness, my problem was with the router, so I don't think it was Microsoft. More likely ATT. I am resistant to the idea of a Mac because I've been on a pc ever since we've had computers, and I don't want to face the learning curve. New tricks for old dogs and all that.