Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The joy of generations

Jamie, with my oldest grandchild, his daughter Maddie
My younger son, Jamie, came for supper tonight. We joke because Jamie is chronically late, so when he said 5:30 I expected him about six at the earliest. He arrived while I was asleep, maybe about two, and set up a temporary office in the sun room where he worked quietly all afternoon. I only woke up at 4:15 when Jordan came in to give him a hug.
The deal was that Jamie would take me to dinner, a belated birthday dinner, but when I said this was Jacob's Grill night he said fine, he'd take both of us to the Grill. For that 5:30 supper, we arrived at the Grill at 7:15
What made the evening for me was watching the two of them together--a son and a grandson. Jamie has daughters, whom he adores, and I know he's glad they have girls. As he said to me once, "Girls are so neat." But there's something about boys too, and Jamie loves his nephews. He owns a toy manufacturer's sales group, so Uncle Jamie always has goodies for the grandkids. Tonight, knowing Jacob's fascination with baseball, it was baseball cards, some of them collectibles. He brought lots to show and let Jacob keep quite a few. Seeing Jacob's enthusiasm about each card was priceless. So was watching the banter between them. After supper, they ended up chipping golf balls on the front lawn. I threatened death and destruction if the "chipped" my lawn, but they didn't.
One more block in that wall of happiness labeled family. I'm so fortunate to have a family who all care about each other. When mine are all together, it doesn't matter what kid belongs to who--they love and care for them all, from "ouchies" to happy moments. If I did something right, I don't know what it was...but I sure am grateful for them.

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