Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Tis the season--for the flu

Unfortunately it's flu season, and it's hit my family in spite of the flu shot. Jacob got the nasal mist--and then the flu, but he wasn't very sick. With a 103 temp, he felt fine and I had to say, "No, you can't go outside and play." Then daughter-in-law Lisa in Houston got it--a gift, she said, from one of her seventh graders. She was sick when I arrived for Christmas but still she had a mild case. Now Jordan has it, and she says even her teeth hurt. Poor thing. I wish I could do more for her. What I am doing is keeping Jacob overnight, since his dad has a big and early meeting in the morning.
When Jacob came home from his other gandparents on Monday, he hadn't seen his parents since Thursday morning. Yesterday, he told me he was going to be sick today because he hadn't gotten to cuddle with his mom the night before or that morning like he usually did. "I just can't wait any longer!" he exclaimed. She seemed better yesterday, and he got some cuddling, but then she fell apart during the night and spiked a 103 fever. He seems okay about staying here tonight, and I have promised him Betty and I would take him for spaghetti.
The timing is bad. The whole family arrives Friday for our annual rodeo weekend, and one contingent was to stay with Jordan. Still wondering what to do about that. We may have to put air mattresses and pallets all over my house. Elizabeth has settled herself in the guest house, with her furniture (she put mine in storage), so I don't think it's fair at this point to boot her out for the weekend. We'll work it out--we always do--and I'll do a massive grocery shopping tomorrow. But it seems life is always complicated.
Of course, I'd like to run hug and cuddle and comfort my child, but she's the one who reminded me I'm in the at-risk age group (gosh, that makes me feel good!). I might have serious complications from the flu. So even though I've had the shot, I keep my distance. But it's hard not to comfort  your child, even if she is grown.
Doesn't seem fair that those who have gotten the protection have gotten sick...and Christian, who hasn't gotten the shot, hasn't. He says he's going to but it may be like closing the barn door too late.
I'll be glad when spring comes.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your family makes a speedy recovery, Judy. It is a nasty illness; you are wise to stay away … Hugs