Friday, February 02, 2007


In the library the other day I picked up Dark Tort by Diane Mott Davidson. I like her books because she combines two of my interests--mysteries and cooking. I also know that my own writing benefits from the more I read of other people's mysteries--a great excuse for buying lots of paperbacks at Barnes & Noble. The only trouble is, they do stack up and have to be culled through and dealt with occasionally, though I'm always hard put to get rid of a book.
This time I figured that a caterer/amateur sleuth was sort of akin to a realtor/amateur sleuth--both what I call American cozies. I started the book last night, mostly because the Julia Chilid memoir I planned to take to Houston for the weekend was already in my suitcase. And right there in the first chapter--when Gouldy discovers a body--I had a great lesson in what my friend and mentor Fred Erisman has been trying to tell me. I rush through everything at a great clip--he means in the novel, but I know I do it in everything I do in life. (I once sold an article called "On Learning to Putter" in which I had to confess that I keep thinking about puttering, but I haven't mastered it. Now that I'm semi-retired, I seem busier than ever!) Anyway that scene made me really think about the climactic scene coming up in my novel (I think Im on the last chapter). Of course, now I'm hooked on Dark Tort and have to finish it before I can start on the Julia Child book.
Jordan, 7-month old Jacob, and I are off to Houston for a couple of days to see Colin, Lisa, and Morgan--at 18 months Morgan is apparently excited about seeing her younger cousin. We woke up to snow and dire forecasts, but we've decided it's north of us and the roads should be clear. So now I'm waiting--impatiently, of course--for Jordan and Jacob to get here!

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