Sunday, May 29, 2016

A slothful day

Sloth is a wonderful word, because it sounds like what it means. Sloths are not really slow and lazy animals, but they seem that way at first. Today I have been slothful. Here’s what I have not done: showered, washed my hair, made my bed, put on my left shoe, emptied the dishwasher, folded the laundry, cooked. Here’s what I have done: brushed my teeth, managed to cobble together lunch (Jordan made it yesterday) and supper (peanut butter toast), fed the dog, finished proofreading a manuscript, and made a major decision that can always be changed. In balance, it’s not a bad day of accomplishment. Oh yeah, I slept late and napped.

My foot and ankle hurt—there’s no other way to say it, so I am avoiding being on my feet. Will check with the doctor Tuesday to make sure this is normal, but I feel that I’m going backward not forward. Walking around robs me of any energy I might have had. Sitting at my desk, I feel great and am full of ambition. When I stand up, all that energy and ambition disappear. It’s frustrating because normally I could accomplish all that I didn’t do in about half an hour.

Something to look forward to: barring unexpected complications at the last minute, we should have our building permit Tuesday and construction can begin almost immediately. That will give me company around the house—workmen—and involvement, and maybe it will take my mind off my pity party.

Fort Worth surged to the front in sports this weekend—TCU won their baseball game, and Jordan Spieth took the Dean & DeLuca tournament (go ahead—call it the Colonial; it’s okay). Other than that, it’s been a long, quiet weekend. As school gets out this week, I’m glad for the construction project because I won’t be home alone so much. And maybe, with others on the property, I won’t be as slothful.

 Well, duh. Here I am moaning and groaning about how badly my foot hurts when I just realized I forgot to take my 3:00 p.m. pain pill. Tomorrow will be a better day, pain pills and all.


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